Monday, September 30, 2013

Meet The Crew! Part 1 : JennMarie

JennMarie and I met a few years ago on the set of Teen Wolf (MTV series) working as extras.  JennMarie is presently seeking a degree in legal studies.

Why do like going on the Birthday Trek?
"This is fun for me.  I truly enjoy the celebration.  Since I cannot afford the elaborate birthday material items I think you deserve, spending time with you helping you do something that means a lot to you is fulfilling - almost in a selfish way.  It makes me happy and we have so much fun doing it. Starting so early and ending so late is extreme but its amazing to see how many others are so giving.
This year I am going about it as a game. My mother was the greatest birthday planner for my family. She made sure we had wonderful fun games to play at our birthday parties. She created many. So your birthday is a celebration of so many things to me. Celebrate the gift of giving. Celebrate the memories of my childhood. Celebrate the games we forget to make of life while being a grown up. And to celebrate my friend for his greatness and the great life he celebrates with others."

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