Monday, September 30, 2013

That Time of the Month!

Tomorrow is the first of October.  If my memory serves me right, that means I should be getting my second largest batch of emails sometime while I sleep (if I get to bed at a reasonable hour).  I started making a list of restaurant email offers I am missing, and I have quite a few still on that list...

RaceTrac, QT, Steak'N'Shake, Hooters, Benihana, Brio, Dairy Queen, Lenny's Subs, CVS, Movie Tavern, Pampas Steakhouse, Backyard Burger, Chipotle, Cap'n D's, Frontera, Zaxbys, Zoe's Kitchen, Red Robin, DSW, Waffle House, Yogurt Mountain

I am getting emails from other places I don't remember now but signed up for at some point, so there may be even more than this list I am waiting on, haha!!

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