Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Lenny's subs (but no Squiggys)

Free sandwich today from Lenny's Subs! I split it with my boss.
Nowhere on the package does it mention to 'remove wrapper prior to eating'. 
Luckily my boss knew to unwrap it first!!


  1. How do you go about getting FREE items from Kroger? Same question for e-rewards. Neither has ever given me anything for my birthday.

  2. The Kroger items came from various places. None of them were 'birthday specific gifts' from Kroger.
    Powerade: MyCokeRewards
    sandwich meat, popcorn, juice and breakfast mix were all Kroger Free Friday Downloads
    Silk Milk was a free coupon I got from Silk
    Tai Pei was a free coupon from Tai Pei from Facebook.
    The eggs were a coupon I got in the mail from Kroger.

  3. The e-rewards was a redemption . I did get a bonus of some sort that they just started giving. But it wasn't birthday-specific either.