Saturday, October 5, 2013

Sorry, I missed you yesterday...

I had some more freebie emails come in yesterday on my birthday while we were out 'trekking'.  We were so caught up in trying to get everything done, I never got a chance even to check and see what we could have gotten until this morning.

Lenny's Subs - free sub (as always)
Ted's Montana Grill - dessert (somehow I got a lot from Ted's this year, they must love me)
DSW - $5 coupon (I'll probably be getting me some more Happy Socks if they have them discounted)
Sonic Drive-In - Choice of a free drink or tots or shake (Cherry slush - yumm-o!)

So, if you are signing up for what is on the master list - don't miss out on these because I won't be adding them.  Too late to add anything else to the master list.

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